My Journey getting closer to zero


It was easier.

Life was a whole lot easier when I “forgot” about how fat I am. I love the fact that I am losing weight again, I just do not love the stupid things I do, and the stupid rules that I force myself to follow. Ah well I guess there are always catches when trying to do anything at all.


Stats Aug 30, 2015



Now Its 149!!

Pork and beans

I spent 6 hours today having a fight with a can of pork and beans. I would pick up the can thinking I was going to eat, then end up putting it back down, I would pick it up again and just hold it, but not eating, and then put it back down unopened, I would grab a can opener and the can and put them both back. This went on for six hours. I must be nuts.

Stats Aug 24, 2015


Its actually 149.50lbs but I am listing it at 150.00


Stats Aug 22, 2015


Stats Aug 10, 2015

Am pretty happy about this seeing as it took so long to go from 155 to 154. So now I’m at 153!153-20150810


Stats Aug 8, 2015



Stats July 5, 2015




With bluster, ink, and bray.
Lawyers five, get their way.
Let Sodom sin; so they connive.
Out with God; in with sex drive.

Yet they preach right prim of legality,
That man’s law must be obeyed.
No, ‘tis base to bow, when reality
Has the highest law betrayed.

T’would be wrong to supersede,
Against authority properly formed.
But revolt is right, and just indeed,
When the Republic has been stormed.

– See more at:

(I do not know about that site but I do like the above poem)

Stats July 4, 2015